Working Together Guidelines

For Woodcraft Folk to fully benefit from the work of its volunteers and staff, it is important that we all interact in a positive way. Everybody is expected to abide by the following principles:

  • Support the Aims and Principles of Woodcraft Folk
  • Abide by policies and procedures
  • Respect diversity and avoid discrimination and harassment
  • Abide by democratic decisions
  • Co-operate with volunteers and staff where appropriate
  • Avoid intimidation (loud voice, body language)
  • Avoid threats and bullying
  • Treat others with respect and consideration (for workload and personal circumstances)
  • Respect ‘working’ hours (allow staff and volunteers time off)
  • Allow time to respond (immediate response is not always possible)
  • Respect confidentiality and avoid gossip
  • Use proper channels when raising issues
  • Use financial resources responsibly
  • Declare a conflict of interest where one might exist
  • Take part in training when offered and relevant
  • Carry out agreed roles or tasks
  • Be clear if unable to fulfil a duty or if deadlines can’t be met
  • Check e-mails for tone and content before sending them to the correct recipient(s)
  • Avoid moaning
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour when observing it in others
  • Resolve conflict rather than ignore it
  • Participate in mediation if it is thought to be necessary
  • Accept differences of opinion
Any serious breach of the above principles can lead to disciplinary action under the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (for staff) or under the Disputes and Complaints Procedure (for volunteers).