What we do

Our name refers to the skill of living close to nature, in the open air - we don't make a habit of hugging trees though occasionally we have been known to craft things out of wood and we do encourage all our members to come and camp with us.

What we get up to

In our weekly groups we play games, sing, take part in drama, discussions, projects and crafts, and learn about local and global issues in a fun, entertaining way. Activities might include:

  • A night walk for younger children so they can experience the sounds of a wood, park or city in the dark
  • Making lanterns to light round a campfire
  • Playing Capture the Flag in the park until our young teens have burned off all their energy
  • Going swimming and playing games in the pool
  • Cooking - a good opportunity to learn about Fair Trade food and how it affects farmers

Learning about the world

About once a term we will talk about an issue at levels that match the age of the children and young people, to help them explore the world around them. This could be something to do with the environment, or why an election is important and what the different parties stand for. 


We organise hostelling and camping weekends throughout the year and camping is a large focus in the summer holidays. Woodcraft Folk groups from across a town, region and sometimes across the UK come together for summer camps, where members of all ages take responsibility for cooking, cleaning and organising activities.

Many of our young people join international camps and exchanges too.

To check the dates of our upcoming activities and camping, please click here.

A bit different from other groups

Woodcraft Folk groups are run co-operatively, with children, young people and adults working together to learn about the world and develop skills and confidence. Woodcraft members are united by our shared values of peace, co-operation, and equality. 

Woodcraft Folk costume is a green top with our logo. Children can choose to wear the traditional green shirt, “woodie hoodies” or t-shirts designed by young members. These are available to purchase from Folk Supply

We believe our organisation provides an informal and supportive environment for young people to develop their ideas, share experiences, explore opportunities and make life-long friends locally and beyond.

To find out about becoming a member see our Join Woodcraft Folk page.