TREE Steering Group

The Steering Group was a great example of young people’s participation and mixed age groups working together. The TREE Steering Group helped us design the role of Youth Participation Ambassadors to sustain TREE’s impacts and engage other young people in a broad role where they could choose which area of youth participation they wanted to champion. We trained lots of young volunteers and collected everyone’s ideas into the Youth Participation Ambassador Pack which is on our Issuu page. Although the group is not going anymore, Woodcraft will continue to take opportunities to involve all ages in decision-making.

The TREE Steering Group also invented Hands In! - a month or so each year where all groups have been encouraged to do the same activity to contribute to the bigger Woodcraft Folk picture. It was a different activity each year, but always helped groups reflect on what it meant to be a Woodcraft Folk group, and what they could share with other groups.

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