Transition Support - welcoming new group members


Take a look at the PDF below if you want ideas on how to help young people move from one age group to the next. Transition Support Ideas has activities for groups to do before, during and after the transition to try and make it as smooth as possible, and generally keep groups within a district in touch with each other. If you've got any good ideas to add to it, send them to - we'd love to hear them. 

If you're a Pioneer or Pioneer Leader who wants to know more about what being a Venturer is like, download the Welcome to Venturers Leaflet or ask Folk Office to send you a batch of leaflets for free. There is also a film about Venturers made by Venturers in Southampton District - take a look.

If you're a Venturer or Venturer Leader who wants to know more about what being a DF is like, have a look at the DF Transition Book - it's full of information about all sorts of DF activities, democracy and projects. 

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