World without war

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Aim: To think about life would be different for everyone without war.
You will need: A group of people, props (optional).
Duration: 20 minutes

Imagine how things would be different if there weren't any wars. Each person in the group should take on the role of a different character. They should act out what they think their character would be doing if there weren't any wars going on. They can also interact with other people they come across in the room and find out how their lives are different too.

Some suggested characters:

  • Soldier - would have a different job, maybe as a peace-keeper or arbitrator in disputes. Could put their practical skills to use e.g. bridge building, water supplies.
  • Child soldier - would go to school, have safety and security.
  • Inventor - would invent useful things instead of weapons.
  • Journalist - would write about positive stories rather than wars.
  • Governments - would spend time and money on better things.
  • Farmer (in conflict zone) - would be able to carry on as normal growing things, without being exposed to danger.
  • Arms manufacturer - would make more useful things instead of guns.
  • Family (in conflict zone) - would be able to live normally, without being afraid or in danger.
  • Add any other characters you think of.