Why do people volunteer with Woodcraft Folk?

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At a recent Development Conference, existing members noted that adults do Woodcraft for the following reasons:

  • They truly believe what Woodcraft is about
  • Their children don’t fit Scouts
  • Because they’ve seen other people having fun
  • Politics & political education
  • It allows space for young people to self-develop
  • Socialising with like minded people
  • They want their kids to be part of Woodcraft Folk
  • The outdoors life
  • To influence young people's development
  • They enjoy working with kids (this is why adults stay at Woodcraft after their children have left)
  • It's non-religious youth work

From a survey by Catch the Light, of all Woodcraft Folk groups in Scotland in 2013:

  • 92% of children and young people enjoyed or really enjoyed games at group
  • 77% of children and young people enjoyed or really enjoyed being outside at group
  • 69% of children and young people enjoyed or really enjoyed doing new things at group

From a survey by the TREE project of Pioneers, Venturers and DFs in 2013: 

  • 85% strongly agreed that they have made new friends from their involvement

  • 74% strongly agreed that Woodcraft Folk provides them with good experiences that will benefit them in future life 

  • 74% strongly agreed that they have acquired new skills through Woodcraft Folk activities

  • 67% strongly agreed that they feel more confident as a result of their involvement in Woodcraft Folk

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