Starting a new group

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


If you are interested in setting up a new group, the first thing you should do is find some friends willing to work with you. Once you have a small band of committed volunteers (at least 4), it is best to make contact folk office for support. The team will be able to offer advice, factsheets and may be able to link you up with a new group buddy.

You can also check out the resources in the yellow box to the right. These will take you through the process of setting up a new group in more detail. 

Is there a process for setting up a new group?

There is a process that includes registering your group so you are covered by Woodcraft Folk insurance and undertaking screening checks of volunteers.

A recommended timeline is laid out in the new group journey, along with a checklist and guidance sheets. 

The above process can be quick and smooth, but it is not unusual for a year or more to fly by whilst finding the right venue, getting funds (usually a few months) and recruiting enough children and leaders.


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