Resources: Woodcraft Tool Box

What is the Tool Box?

A resource for sharing and signposting information related to how groups/districts are run.


What's it for?

To help support both new and existing groups/districts.


The Tool Box has been developed in consultation with members and has largely been written by members for members, and it  will continue to be developed by members. This tool box is not intended to be prescriptive or to tell you there is only one way to run your group/district. Instead it is a ‘tool box’ from which you can choose appropriate tools. Keep in mind there can be more than one type of tool for each job e.g. different versions of a volunteer role description for a group leader or district fundraiser etc.

However there are some elements to running a group that are legal or organisational requirements e.g. child protection and financial reporting. Anything that is a legal/organisational requirement will be highlighted as such. All other information is optional and it is up to you and your local needs to determine what suits you best.

For new groups, the tool box will help you get going more quickly and easily than in the past. For established groups this will be an ongoing developing resource bank to help you grow, develop and take on new challenges.

Sections include:

NB If you'd like to start a new group because there isn't one in your area, but you don't know of other willing volunteers to help, please fill in the online form to give us your details so we can put you in touch with any other volunteers who've expressed interest in starting a group near you.

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