Pioneer Peace Pack Activity 6 - Positive About Peace

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Aim of the activity:
To get question the idea that war is inevitable and to think about what a peaceful world could be like.

What you will need:
Pens and paper;
Flip chart sheet and marker pens;
Roll of drawing paper/poster paper or back of an old roll of wall paper;
Paints, crayons, felt tips etc;
Copies of the SEVILLE STATEMENT ON VIOLENCE (download from the foot of the page)
A copy of the STORY (download from the foot of the page)

Suggested warm-up:
Try some yoga and mediation. Perhaps you have a parent who could come in to lead the yoga. If not, check out where you will find some good instructions for poses (lots of animal ones) and mediations to use with children.

Main activities:
There are three activities here – try some or all of them.

Talking points
Write the five statements below onto flip chart sheets and blutac these around the hall. Leave a marker pen with each sheet.

'War cannot be ended because animals make war and because people are like animals.'
'War cannot be ended because it is part of human nature.'
'Violence cannot be ended because people and animals who are violent are able to live better and have more children than others.'
'We have to be violent because of our brain. War is caused by 'instinct'.'
'All conflicts are a bad thing.'

Ask the Pioneers to divide themselves into five groups and each group to go to one of the flip chart sheets. They should discuss the statement and add any comments they have to the flip chart. After three or four minutes – on a given signal – the group should move around to the next statement and discuss that. Repeat until each group has discussed all the statements.

Bring the whole group back together and share the comments which have been written on the flip chart sheets.

You may wish to refer to the SEVILLE STATEMENT and feed into the discussion information and ideas from it. The first four statements are taken from this. The fifth statement ‘All conflicts are a bad thing’ is intended to open up discussion about the circumstances in which conflict (without leading to violence and war) can be used positively to help us develop and evolve.


Picturing peace

'Peace' is an inconveniently vague word. For some people it is easily associated with 'nothing happening', an unwelcome 'silence', or straight-up boredom. The problem is that to different people and in different ways of life 'peace' has different meanings. If we want to transform a conflict situation so that it stops being violent, we need to know what we mean by the 'peace' we want to achieve.

Fix a length of drawing paper or (the reverse side of) left-over wallpaper to the wall. Provide marker pens, crayons, paints etc. and invite the Pioneers to contribute images, doodles, cartoons, words, and poems which represent their ideas of what peace means to create a ‘Peascape’.


If the group have produced some good images in the ‘Picturing Peace’ activity, why not develop these or use them on a banner for your group? Banner making can be as easy or as intricate as you want – from the use of fabric paints on an old sheet to collage using fabric scraps or appliqué. 

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