The admin side of running a group

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.



Below is a recommended folder of documents to use regularly at group. We recommend you print out these documents to bring to each session, organised under the following headings. In addition, keep an electronic folder - google drive folders are great for sharing documents within a group of leaders.

Download Which Docs When? to find out when you might need the documents below. 


  • Subs payment tracker
  • Gift Aid declaration
  • Gift Aid log sheet
  • Suggested income and expenditure spreadsheet

All of these resources can be accessed via the Treasurer's hub.


*Find more information on the adult membership process in the membership secretary handbook.



Find local editable flyers on the publicity guidance page

Staying Safe

Visit the safeguarding portal for comprehensive guidance on your groups' safeguarding responsibilities. 

Some additional examples and documents you may find useful:

Programme plans

Example woodchip register and paperwork

New contacts tracker - use this to keep track of enquiries from interested volunteers and families

Group budget tool 

Example new group budget

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Childrens Register.xls86 KB
Adults Register.xls86 KB
WelcomeInfoTemplate-Blank.docx65.07 KB
WelcomeInfoTemplate-Example (1).docx64.83 KB
Monitoringform8.5.15.docx.docx756.4 KB
Blanksessionplan.docx5.7 KB
Example programme and rota.xls41.5 KB
101 Woodchip ideas.pdf1.57 MB
Elfin Handbook Badgework Resource.pdf13.7 MB
WCF Badge Record0001.pdf1.22 MB
ExampleIndoorriskassessment.docx742.57 KB
Example Outdoor Risk Assessment.docx747.87 KB
Group Volunteer Agreement.xls71 KB
Local safeguarding plan example.pdf96.93 KB
Whichdocswhen.docx23.41 KB
New enquiries tracker.xls139 KB
ExampleStroudValleyTermlyRegisterandSubsCollection.docx8.33 KB
Example register & paperwork.xls181.5 KB
Woodcraft Folk Diary Log.docx12.59 KB