Additional Camping & Residential Guidance

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This detailed guidance was created by volunteers in Cambridge District to support volunteers organising camps and residentials. These overviews of roles and responsibilties on camp may provide a helpful starting point for your own camping or hostel trips.

This guidance should be read on conjunction with the policy and practice documents available on our Safeguarding Portal, especially the Code of Conduct for volunteers and the Camp Checklist.

Chapter 1 2018 Woodcraft Folk Aims and Principles.docx17.38 KB
Chapter 2 2018 Standards for Camping and Residentials.docx17.02 KB
Chapter 3 2018 Roles and responsibities at Camp - Summary 2018.docx14.51 KB
Chapter 4 2018 Checklist for Camp Coordinator CC 2018.docx22.83 KB
Chapter 5 2018 Checklist for Folk Marshal FM 2018.doc28 KB
Chapter 6 2018 Checklist for Keeper of the Provender KP 2018.doc33 KB
Chapter 7 2018 Checklist for Keeper of the Garbage KG 2018.doc30.5 KB
Chapter 8 2018 Checklist for Keeper of the Kit KK 2018.docx22.76 KB
Chapter 9 2018 Good practice for safety and hygiene at camp.docx28.49 KB
Chapter 10 2018 Rota Duties at Camp 2018.doc39 KB
Chapter 11 2018 Health and Safety Policy.doc30.5 KB