"The definitive guide to youth led discussion"

The A to Z of Good Discussion

This beautifully illustrated resource that brings together over 26 great tips for fun, effective and inclusive discussions has been embraced as much by other youth organisations as Woodcraft Folk. It was created collaboratively by 16 - 20 year old members of Woodcraft Folk who say it gives them ‘more confidence to take more of an active role in discussion (especially on new levels)’.

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Woodcraft Folk volunteers of all ages have contributed to the development of various resources for the organisation. They include: the Guide to Volunteering in Woodcraft Folk; A DVD full of co-operative games; the leadership programme ‘Leading for the Future’; and a plethora of group night activities that can be run by young people or adult leaders.

Almost everyone consulted confirmed that their skills and knowledge have benefited from the use of these resources.

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