Woodcraft Folk’s funding


Woodcraft Folk is a national charity. Our local groups, districts and regions are run by volunteers with the support of our central Folk Office and our board of trustees (learn more at https://woodcraft.org.uk/how-we-work.

At a local level, our groups and activities fund themselves through a mixture of membership fees/donations, fundraising and, in some cases, small grants.
File 4817On a national level, our funding breaks down as follows

  • about one third comes from our individual volunteer members
  • about one third comes from the registration fees paid by each of our groups
  • about ten percent comes from grants and affiliation fees from the Co-operative and Trade Union movements.
  • the remainder come from other sources including individual donations.

As recently as 2013 over 40% of our funding came from grants but there is now much less grant funding available for many organisations in the charitable sector, including Woodcraft Folk. So we are returning to the principles of solidarity and mutual aid on which Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 and asking those who support our work to make a small regular donation by becoming a Friend of the Folk.

Join Friends of the Folk or make a one-off donation via JustGiving.

Find out what sort of things your donation will help to support.



Published 18th April 2017