Woodcraft Folk Online Programme

Due to government guidance we have had to pause our groups meeting physically for now. We have been working hard on developing online programme nationally and volunteers have been working hard to deliver local online programme so that groups do not miss out on speaking with their friends and engaging in Woodcraft Folk activities. One of the things we are passionate about at Woodcraft Folk is empowering young people and listening to their ideas. We would love to hear from our young members about what they want to see on our online programme. If all young people could fill in this survey that would help us allow them to shape our online programme. 

Session ideas:

Below are some session plans that have already taken place. Some took place locally and some nationally. Feel free to use with your groups or edit to be more suitable for your groups. 

We ran a webinar around ideas for virtual programme for leaders which might also be a good place to look whilst planning your sessions. 

Challenges From Home

We have created Challenges From Home which are three challenges a week which can be completed by young members and their families using our aims and principles. Complete the challenges to win a cloth badge and a certificate! 

Is there training available for leaders to run online programme?

We have created a series of webinars to help leaders develop and deliver online programme. Please see the webinars below for more information on staying safe online and ideas for activities and choosing which platform is best for your group. Head to our training and webinars page to find support for virtual programme. 

Please also check out our guidance on Virtual Group, Social Networking, Website, Mobile & Email Communication Guidance which was updated in March 2020.

There is also guidance we produced on using Zoom safely.

How else can we help Woodcraft Folk at this time?

We have set up a Just Giving crowd funder for those who can support us as we adapt through these difficult times it would be hugely appreciated. We want to continue our role supporting young people to play games, make friends and learn about big ideas from climate change to social justice through co-operative activities. You could also help with our appeal by sending a letter to your friends and family which can be found here.

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