Woodcraft Folk's 1st Boardgame Camp

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Woodcraft 1st Boardgame Camp

Myself and Joe pulled up at Darsham Country Centre in the darkness around 9:30pm. They weren’t joking when they said it was close to the train tracks, it literary is the train station with platform 1 looking into the dining room and lounge. We went around the back to find our way in to find Fin and Stephen sitting in the dining room looking at a pile of games. This game pile would soon expand to fill the whole table as I emptied by game filled car boot to give us a massive range to try to play through. We dropped our bags off in the room and got straight down to playing some light warm up games including Get Bit, Coup and one where you had to guess what was happening in a picture with lots of thinking outside of the box. We were joined by the last guest of the night, Sax and we all sat down to play Age of Empires 3. Joe got his head around the colony part of the game and left us all behind on 99 points, with Stephen in second with a massive fleet of ships, then me in third knowing I should have done better as it was mine game. By this time it was around 2:30am so we headed to bed.  

I woke up to find porridge being cooked and a Barking Mad being set up, I can’t think of much better things to find when waking up. Barking Mad involved dogs racing and us betting on them. The rabbit did look to be the clear winner until it was eaten by the blue dog meaning it came in third after the blue dog then got stuck behind a lamp post. After this were took to the high seas and played LifeBoat, a game about auguring on a boat. Everyone is trying to survive but while doing that there a person they love (keep them alive) and person you hate (if something unfortunately happens to them it’s not such a bad thing) plus loads of items that can give you points if you do survive until the end. It went down so well we end up playing three games.

Before we knew it, it was 2pm and Hywell, Tom and Dom joined us to give us our final numbers of 8. While this is lower than we original planned, it worked out really well as we could plenty of games together and created a cosy and friendly environment. With the full 8 of us we played many party games like Bang (a western shooting game with hidden roles) Masquerade (A game about swapping roles and confusion) and Beer and Vikings (a crazy bar fight over beer). There were even a few cheeky games of Mr Jack thrown in there with one player being Jack the Ripper and the other trying to hunt him down.

As darkness fell, a campfire was built and Stephen cooked an amazing meal for us all. We were all set to play Werewolf around the campfire until the British Weather changed its mind and the heavens opened. Instead we moved into the cosy lounge and set out playing Werewolf. We played countless games with the Werewolves mainly winning and we played around with a range of roles such as Doctor, Little Girl and Diseased. After a few hours we decided to mix it up trying One Night Werewolf (Werewolf but in one night), Resistance: Avlon (King Arthurs questing with a hidden traitor twist) and Shadow Hunters (Hunters hunt shadows and Shadows Hunt Hunters while Neutrals have their own agenda but you need to work out whose on your team first). As we played into the early hours were even had a cake and sang for Fin’s birthday.

Sunday was the last chance to play games people missed, it was requested we play Guards Guards (based on the Discworld book) and Volcano Island, a timed game where players run around trying to get idols while being chance by an evil god.  This was all we were able to play before the train pull up outside and everyone headed off.

Overall it was a great weekend meeting new members, playing games and doing something in my own free time with Woodcraft rather than work. Darsham is a lovely centre, very cosy and friendly and well worth the travel for a small group. As for the future? People were keen to do it again, maybe this time next year? I would be happy to bring my collection again. I think we would look for a more central venue but ideally as cosy and with similar gaming space as Darsham. So if you have any suggestions or would been keen to be involved or just want to say you love boardgames as well then drop me an email joewyatt7@gmail.com. Maybe the Funding Group find me funding to go around playing boardgames with our groups?

Joe Wyatt

P.S. If you want to learn more about any of the games we played visit http://boardgamegeek.com/