Promotional Materials For Groups and Districts

Monday, 12 July 2021

As a school term comes to an end and a new one is approaching, children and their parents will look for new activities to take part in in September. The last year was not the easiest for the recruitment of young people, however, we believe it has been improving and after 18 months of restrictions what better time to introduce new young people and volunteers to the wonderful world of Woodcraft Folk.

The Woodcraft Folk communication team is here to help you promote your groups and districts in your local area. We want our groups and volunteers to feel supported as much as possible from the first to the last step of the recruitment process and in this case, we would like to support you in the initial stage of the recruiting - the creation of advertising materials. We can help you with the creation of promotional materials such as posters, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and others.
In order to create bespoke material for your group, we need some information from you to create as personalised content as possible. You can choose from several different designs which will be recreated according to your specifications. If you are interested in being supported to reach out for new members, fill in this form and we will get back to you shortly:

Any questions or for more information or a different material for promotion not listed please get in touch with our ESC comms volunteer Barbora -