Membership Badge Competition 2022

Thursday, 14 October 2021

This year we’re reflecting on the theme of ‘One world recovery’. This period of lockdown has brought communities together.

 in solidarity standing up against poverty, racism, inequality and climate change. With the recent launch of our Green Influencers project we want our groups to think about:

‘How can we work together supporting our environment and fighting the climate crisis. Going back to the 'old normal' is not necessarily the best for the planet and people. Illustrate what changes can we all make/how can we work together more to bring these issues to the forefront of social change for the future’

As part of this activity feel free to use the following activities on our Dream Big at Home websitte You can also check out the Ernest Cook Map and find local climate change activities to engage with at Map – The Ernest Cook Trust

The template for badge designs can be found at and will need to be submitted to no later than 20th December 2021.