AGM voting & elections

Thursday, 2 September 2021

The final agenda for Woodcraft Folk's Annual General Meeting has now been published together with the candidates nomination booklet. We have received nominations from:


  • Edmund Moriarty (General Council 16-24 years category)
  • Sapna Agarwal (General Council lay category)
  • Jeni Dixon (General Council lay category)
  • Jeremy Hudson (General Council lay category)
  • Tamsin Pearce (General Council lay category)
  • Wilf Lamonth (Standing Orders)
  • Ralph Sleigh (Standing Orders)
  • Ash Taylor (Standing Orders)


For more information about the candidates and their motivation please see attached election information document below.


The AGM will be taking place online on Sunday 26th September at 11am. The online meeting is open to all members, who are welcome to attend to ask questions and engage in debate.


All Group & District contacts have been sent details on how to register their vote. All Groups and Districts have the opportunity to vote on the following:

  • Adoption of Woodcraft Folk’s accounts and annual Trustees Report for 2020

  • Appointment of Woodcraft Folk’s auditors

  • Policy motions

  • General Council elections, choosing members to act as Trustees for the UK Charity

  • Standing Orders elections, choosing members to help facilitate Woodcraft Folk’s democracy


All papers and information can be found at where you will find:

  • Final agenda

  • Minutes from the 2020 AGM

  • Nominations booklet

  • List of open & closed groups for 2020

  • Accounts & Annual Report 2020


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Elections Information for Annual Gathering 2021.docx.pdf3.97 MB