General Council

General Council is the group that works out how all the different bits of our diverse organisation fit together - we have to make sure everyone can work together to feel part of something bigger.

It is made up of 22 Woodcraft Folk members. Most of those are elected at Annual Gathering and serve on the council for two years, and at least four of them must be aged 16-24. There is also a Scottish representative and a Welsh representative elected from each nation's Annual Gathering. Then there is a Co-operative movement representative who is appointed by Co-operative UK and 4 DF reps, which come from their “Althing” (AGM) and DF Committee.

General Council has several sub-committees. The permanent sub-committees are:

Responsible for finances and other urgent decisions between meetings of General Council

Responsible for policy and oversight relating to General Council's role as employer

Other sub-committees are created as necessary.

Current council members come from a range of backgrounds and from all across the UK. Some are group leaders or parents, some grew up in the organisation, some joined as young people. We are proud of the fact that people from across the age spectrum are represented on the council, and also that more than half of the current members are under 25.

General council takes its instruction from the Annual General Meeting (Annual Gathering) - where members decide what the priorities for the organisation are. The Council then gets to work making sure everything is in place to achieve the organisation's goals. We are also the trustees of the organisation, so our responsibilities include making sure we have enough money to do what we want, deciding how we spend the money, setting policies, employing staff and forming the working groups that come from our strategy - the Bigger & Better Plan.