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  • What is Groop?

Is a group management platform which enables local groups to manage their data, communicate with one another on a local level, manage events and online payments. The aim of groop is to help you grow, become more sustainable and reduce your administrative time. 

  • When was Groop launched?

Groop was rolled out to all of our registered groups in November 2019. New groups will be set up with their own account by Folk Office when they complete and return their new group registration form.

  • What can it do?

Child registrations, online event management and booking, adult membership (coming soon), online payments, report functionality, online forum and email communications to all members at a local level, ensures groups are GDPR compliant and much, much more!!!

  • Is their guidance available? 

Yes, click the link above or below. Information, guidance and updates will be emailed to Group Contacts regularly. 

  • Who do I contact if I have a question? 

If you have additional questions or would like support using the Groop system please contact

  • Watch our helpful webinar below as your first introduction to Groop 

Guidance about the basics of the Groop Platform for Group and District officers (May 2021).pdf320.03 KB
Guidance about the basics of the Groop Platform for parents-carers and volunteers (May 2021).pdf227.45 KB