#EverybodyWelcome for #FunAndFriendship

Woodcraft Folk is a place where everybody is welcome. We have lots of fun and develop life-long friendships. That's the message behind our campaign to support groups of all ages to grow their membership.

If you're looking for a group to join, head here to find out more about our groups in general, or take a look at our map to find the groups nearest to you

Most groups have space for even more children and young people to take part and benefit from our activities, so the resources below will help you to reach out, promote Woodcraft Folk, and tell new families about everything we have to offer. These will be used, shared and promoted through our national communications channels as a campaign from May to October 2019, but the resources have been made to last and remain relevant! You can keep using them to promote your local activities going forward. 

As part of the campaign we have launched the following resources which can be downloaded from the bottom of the page:

  • Social media graphics
  • A new 'Introduction to Woodcraft Folk' tri-fold leaflet
  • A new series of A3 posters (can also be printed as A4)
  • An activity pack to help plan a taster session for your group
  • A press release template (to promote taster sessions)
  • '10 Things To Do As A...' resources for Woodchips, Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers (download from www.woodcraft.org.uk/10things)

These can all be used alongside our existing promotional materials and materials for volunteer recruitment. We have printed stock of A3 posters and the 'Introduction to Woodcraft Folk' leaflets - email info@woodcraft.org.uk to order. Each month the campaign will be taking a new flavour and there are many ways your group or district can get involved.

For May Half Term, we will be launching our '10 Things To Do As A...' resources. These resources are a great way to keep children involved through the school holidays, could be used to plan a programme for camp, or can be shared with families who might not be able to participate regularly in a group night for any reason. 

In June, we will be shouting out about taster events at groups across the country. Pick up the activity pack and start planning. Tag us on social media or email pippa@woodcraft.org.uk and we'll share what you are up to!

In July, it's all about inclusion. We'll be promoting resources which help us to widen participation in our groups to enable children to access our activities regardless of disability or financial circumstances. We're also encouraging groups to take part in local LGBTQI+ Pride events and community festivals. Folk Supply will soon be stocking Pride themed t-shirts, badges and stickers for you to purchase for use at local events. 

In August, it's camping season. Our residential opportunities are times for lots of fun and places where so many friendships begin and develop. Send us a photo and a summary of what you got up to on camp this year to pippa@woodcraft.org.uk and help us to show the activities we do for all ages! 

September brings the start of a new term. As children move into a new school year, it's a perfect time for them to try out a group night at a taster session! Why not give the activity pack to young people in your group and let them plan it for their peers? Again, tag us on social media or email pippa@woodcraft.org.uk and we'll share what you are up to!

From October, you can keep using all the resources we've produced for this campaign, but we will be gathering evaluations from those who have taken part to help us to plan for the future. We want to keep creating the resources and information that you need to help our organisation to grow, so your feedback is always so valuable!

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