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Welcome to DBS online on this page you'll find instructions on the DBS application process. Please click the link

 below to be taken to the section that is relevant to you. 

How to apply for a DBS if you're a member

If you're a new member or are an existing member whose current DBS certificate has now lapsed, you can now go on to the online system to create and complete an application.

Once you've completed your application, the next stage will be to take your ID along to your group or District Membership Secretary to be witnessed. Your Membership Secretary will then go on to the online system, verify your application and send it off for processing.

To create and complete an application go to https://fadv.onlinedisclosures.co.uk/Registration/Registration

What you'll need:

  • To have become a member of the Woodcraft Folk. If you've not already done so please go to www.woodcraft.org.uk/join
  • District Organisation pin- if you're unsure of your Districts pin feel free to select from the list which is available by clicking HERE!! 
  • Woodcraft Folk's code word - This will be given to you by your local Membership Secretary or available from Folk Office
  • Your identity documents (i.e. passport, driving licence, utility bill etc)
  • Guidance for the applicant
  • If you wish for Woodcraft Folk to subscirbe you to the DBS Update service (certificate becomes portable) please let Folk Office know by return of email once you've submitted your application online. 

How to support members to use the DBS online system if you're a Membership Secretary

If you're a Membership Secretary who wishes to access the online DBS system and verify an application go to www.fadv.onlinedisclosures.co.uk.  

Please ensure that you have witnessed the applicants physical ID in person. You should not use scans, photos or photocopies to verify a members identity. 

You'll need: 

Once you've verified a members application it will be sent to the Disclosure & Barring Service for processing. The DBS certificate will be sent to both the member and Folk Office, so there is no need to witness a DBS certificate unless we're advised that there is a conviction/caution/reprimand or warning listed on it. 

 Technical Support 

If you need techinical support with the First Advantage disclosure online system you can contact them on: 

Helpdesk Telephone: 0845 251 5000 (calls cost 3p per minute plus your network charges)
Opening Times: 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday
Email: support@onlinedisclosures.co.uk

All DBS and Membership related questions please contact Folk Office directly at membership@woodcraft.org.uk


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