Woodcraft Folk's constitution and aims & principles

The Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 it has been a registered charity since 1965 and a registered company limited by guarantee since 2012.

Woodcraft Folk is governed by:

These documents together informally constitute our constitution. This lays out the primary objective and mission:

The objects of the organisation are the advancement of education and the empowerment of children and young people for the public benefit by:

  1. encouraging children and young people to participate in society, improving their lives and others through active citizenship; and
  2. promoting the interests and welfare of children and young people

In furtherance of the above objects but not otherwise the organisation shall further the International Cooperative Alliance’s Statement on the Co-operative Identity. It shall seek to be recognised as the Co-operative and Trade Union movements’ educational and empowerment organisation open to all with the aim of building an environmentally sustainable world built on children’s and human rights, equality, friendship, peace, economic & social justice and co- operation.