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There are thousands of items in the archive - banners, books, badges and much more.

Here you will find specially chosen archive items and activities to help support groups of children and young people to engage with Woodcraft Folk's heritage and the archive material.

You can also see what other groups have done, share your activities and inspire others to get involved with the archive. 

From the Archives

Explore our archives! Here are some pieces that have been specially chosen for you.

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Archive Experiences

Read about projects by Woodcraft Folk groups using the archive materials.

Reflecting on the Many Histories of Woodcraft Folk

Written by Pippagardner, 7th November 2018

On Saturday 15th September, members, researchers and interested members of the public came together at University College London's Institute of Education for a day ...

Waltham Abbey

Written by Woodcraftadmin, 29th June 2016

Elfins and others created a scrapbook of their favourite Woodcraft Folk friends, camps, games and memories to earn their heritage badge. What will you ...

Clapham Elfin Timeline

Written by Woodcraftadmin, 29th June 2016

To earn their heritage badge we created a timeline of significant events, both global and personal events including birthdays, camps and the publication of ...

Archive Session Plans

The Time Traveller session plans from our original heritage website. Each activity can be downloaded to do in your school or group.

Document Detectives

Join MY5's top-team of crack document detectives in this exciting on-line investigation into the Woodcraft Folk's peace education work.

The Time Capsule

Discover the secrets held in the time capsule found by a Woodcraft Folk Pioneer Group.

Folk History Trail

A wide game to play on-line or in the woods. Find out more about how the early Woodcrafters loved the sun and followed the trail...