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Learn to Lead: Woodcraft training videos

This is a great set of short videos featuring Woodcraft volunteers. They explain all the important aspects of running a group and District, in a really clear and friendly way.

Summer camp: young leaders & new groups

Event date: 
11 August 2012 - 12:00pm - 17 August 2012 - 2:00pm
Event location: 
Woodcraft Park Farm, Lurgashall, West Sussex

Starting on August 11th, at Woodcraft Park Farm in Sussex, the camp will provide potential young leaders with training in all the activities you’d want to become a group leader, including craft, co-operation, positive behaviour and using Woodcraft’s aims and principles to make a fantastic, fun programme.

Justine’s story: starting a new Woodcraft group in the Midlands

Justine, Lucy and Jessica started Bournville Elfins after Jessica completed Forest Schools training and wanted to do something complementary. Justine says:

“Although we had never heard of Woodcraft Folk, we jumped at the chance! We all came from different areas and so sat down with a map and looked at where we could all get to by 5.45pm on a Wednesday and Bournville came out tops!

Starting a new group

If you are interested in setting up a new group, the first thing you should do is find some friends willing to work with you. Once you have a small band of committed volunteers (at least 4), it is best to make contact folk office for support. The team will be able to offer advice, factsheets and may be able to link you up with a new group buddy.

You can also check out the resources in the yellow box to the right. These will take you through the process of setting up a new group in more detail. 

How do I register a new group?

All Woodcraft Folk groups are required to register. This ensures that they are recognised by the national movement and have access to support, guidance and insurance cover.

What should a Woodcraft group try to achieve?

Local Woodcraft Folk groups should seek to have enough adult volunteers to engage a group of children or young people in fun and exciting activities based on Woodcraft Folks aims and principles, which include:

FAQs for new Woodcraft groups

These FAQs have been developed to support new groups, but may be of interest to any new member. Click on the question to visit the page with the answer.

Don't forget the related resources in the yellow box to the right. 

New Group Buddy

The Woodcraft Folk has always prided itself on the interaction between members; skills sharing and spanning the world with friendship at the same time. It’s this strength that we can use to help build and further our movement, through a new buddy system to support fledgling groups.

Are you a new group? 

Contact Folk Office to request a buddy


Do you have some experience to share? 

New Group Registration Form

All new groups before their first official group night need to submit their new group registration form to head office. Formal registration with Woodcraft Folk ensures that your group is covered by our policies, has public liability insurance for all its members and has access to our central services. 

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