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Intention to set up a Woodcraft Folk group form

Once you’ve made your decision to set up a new Woodcraft Folk group it’s a great to register you interest with us so that as an organisation we can begin to support you along your new group journey. If you're not yet ready to formally register with us, but you are on your way to setting up a group we would encouarge you to complete an ‘Intention to set up a Woodcraft Folk group’ form and return to head office. 

By completing the form you'll receive:

New resources - available now!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

During the new groups project resources were created, feedback was recieved and lots was learnt about how to start and sustain Woodcraft Folk groups. 

What commitment is expected of volunteers and parents?


As a minimum, we expect you to uphold our aims & principles and safeguard our children & young people.

Anyone who does help out should familiarise themselves with the policies and proceedures that ensure Woodcraft Folk is a fun and safe environment for all. 

What costs do we need to cover?

As a group, you will need to cover the following:

Do parents have to stay with their children?

If you're going to a Woodchip group, parents are almost always required to stay. 

Parents are not usually required to stay in other groups. In fact, many groups discourage parents from staying if they are not helping out with the group. Having an 'audience' of parents can be distracting for both children and leaders. That said, most groups rely on some parental involvement, so parents may need to volunteer to stick around sometimes to keep the group running. 


What's the point of recruiting more children if we already have enough in the group?

  • Children will move on to older age groups, or leave the group for other reasons.

Do children need to buy a uniform?

No. There isn’t a compulsory uniform, but many groups do encourage children to wear a t-shirt, folk shirt or hoodie.

Folk costume is a great way to help children and young people feel a part of Woodcraft Folk. If you are working through badges, these can be sewn on to personalise the clothing. 

Is training accredited or transferable?

Woodcraft Folk training is not currently accredited, but many skills you will learn are transferable.

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