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Updated: 1 year 12 weeks ago

Does youth empowerment give you superpowers?

1 May 2020 - 6:08pm

At Althing 2019, the motion for an online Thing was passed; it was decided that this would be in June 2020. This brings into question whether the DFs at that Althing were subconsciously aware that by June 2020 the worldwide situation would be so drastically different that moving the Thing online would have been essential anyway.

If about 20 DFs coming together to discuss the future of a radical movement – Woodcraft Folk DFs – can gain impossible foresight, what could you achieve from coming to DFs first ever Online Thing? We’ll have to be careful not to teleport when talking about the power of DFs activism, and definitely can’t be flexing newfound invisibility when planning to restructure how DFs is run.

If you want to discover the effects of youth empowerment, let us know when you can attend an online day of workshops, discussion and planning in this form below


Or follow this link if you can’t view the form here.

We’ll be keeping you updated when a date is decided about more information and plans. See you all – virtually – there!


The voter puts a number by each candidate, with a one for their favourite, 2 for their second favourite and so on. They can put numbers on as many or as few as they wish.

If more than half the voters have the same favourite candidate, that person is elected. If nobody gets half, the numbers provide instructions for what happens next.

The counters remove whoever came last and look at the ballot papers with that candidate as their favourite. Rather than throwing away these votes, they move each one to the voter’s second favourite candidate. This process repeated until one candidate has half of the votes and is elected.

Other proportions, for example a two thirds majority can be used.

Other terms linked to Alternative vote include: Single transferable vote

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Woodcraft Folk\'s yearly meeting which aims to pass motions to affect the direction of the movement. It is a two day long event with workshops and discussions.

Other terms linked to Annual Gathering include: Althing

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The DF movements votes on a campaigns (for example refugee rights). This involves protests and publicising, and can be a key part of the purpose of the movement. We can colaborate and plan our activism at Things.

Other terms linked to Activism include: Activism Representative

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The DF business year starts and ends in early September, at our Annual General Meeting held at the residential business event, Althing. It is named after the world\'s oldest parliamentary system, that of Iceland. Here is where the DF committee, regional council and other key DF roles are elected, for which any member of the Woodcraft folk of DF age may stand. It is run by committee themselves, and expects around 60 people for one weekend, although the weather is usually nice so part camping can be nice so long as there is a large meeting room. DF committee and regional council are obliged to attend so do not pay.

Other terms linked to Althing include: committeee

'); toolTips('.classtoolTips17','A Thing is a weekend long business event where DFs discuss important issues relating to the DF movement and the wider world');