How 3 years of TREE changed 11-year-old Izzy’s life

14-year old Izzy from Cambridge was one of the youngest members of the TREE programme Steering Group when she joined three years ago.“I have really enjoyed almost everything about the steering group and if I have the chance to get involved in something like that in the future I’ll definitely go for it”.

“When I joined I wasn’t sure that anyone would really listen to my ideas on things and I was very nervous; but one of the first things I noticed was that people seemed really interested when I did put things forward and that was great.

“I would tell [other young people thinking about joining a committee] that it will not be like what they are expecting and it’s a lot more Woodcrafty than they think. It’s not like a formal meeting. There are lots of activities involved and it’s a social thing – a good way of meeting new people. The best thing though is that you can really make things happen.

“I am much more confident now. I used to be scared of speaking in a group and it’s no problem now. I take a much bigger part in planning for my own local Woodcraft group than I used to.”